How P-gum works

P-gum encourages people to walk by creating Fin Tech and health based infrastructures. Users gain P-gum coins on their daily walks and eventually can spend the coins on the P-gum’s virtual and physical stores. On the other hand, businesses can barter their products and services with other businesses by getting P-gum coins from the user.

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P-gum’s activity field?

P-gum, with the aim of improving the health of the community, started its activity in the field of health and, in order to create motivation, it has been able to expand its services through the field of financial technology. Subsequently, insurance, public transportation, tourism and digital marketing are included in target areas of P-gum.

Current P-gum capabilities P-gum

Current P-gum capabilities

Currently active P-gum services are as follows:

  • Step into the coin
  • Store (physical and virtual products)
  • Service of P-gum Points


March 2018

Release app

June 2018

Change UI / UX

August 2018

Launch of the point service

August 2018

Start working with Kypad (mobile wallet Pasargad Bank)

December 2018

Changes in point service structure

December 2018

Added physical products

March 2019

Connect to Shenase Wallet

March 2019

Improve pedometer

May 2019

Connect to Saman Insurance

December 2020

The use of signal processing in the pedometer

February 2021

Implementation of a trial version of the Blockchain structure

Powered by a Team TEAM

Hamed Akbari
Erfan Nalbandian
iOS Developer
M.H Mohammadi
Project Manager
Mona Rostamkhani
UX Designer
Javad Vatandoust
Navid Najm
UI Designer
Mohammad Gharary
Business development & Data analyst
Alireza Ranjbar Sohrabi
Behavior and gamification designer


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Frequently asked questions FAQS

After installing P-gum, just turn on your GPS and start walking. Simply earn coins while walking and spend them in P-gum market.

To validate the user's steps relative to the distance, GPS is utilized as an assistant to provide a precise number of steps for the user

To calculate the calories consumed by each person while walking.

Absolutely! Download and use P-gum for free.

Nope! You must walk in open area.

No, all calculations also apply in offline mode. It is only necessary to turn on GPS and start walking. Eventually, all calculations done in offline mode will be sent to P-gum servers once your device is connected to the Internet.

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