7 Perfect Home Exercises, No Equipment Needed!

You may have to stay home for a while or you may not be able to exercise at the gym or outside your home.

In this article we introduce 7 exercises that you can easily do at home without the need for special equipment and always stay on form!

1-Skipping Rope

This exercise will probably remind you of your childhood, but rope is one of the best sports you can do at home. Just take the rope and try it; it probably won’t take you long to breathe, which indicates the high intensity of the sport’s impact.

Well, needless to say, if you live in an apartment, try to be considerate of your downstairs neighbors too!

2-Stair Climbing

Going up and down the stairs can be a great exercise if you do it with caution so as not to hurt your knees! But if you can’t climb stairs, you can use an object like a short stool or whatever is in your hand, and even go up and down when you are watching TV! this exercise may not be as intense as a rope, but it will keep your body active and healthy.

  1. Dance!

Frequent workouts may make you tired so have a happy and energetic song and start dancing! This is an activity that not only affects your body but also makes your spirit happier. Dance is calorie-burning and raises your heart rate.

Remember, you are dancing for your own sake, not to impress anyone! So enjoy it.

Needless to say, think about your neighbors when you raise your voice or when you plan to do this exercise.

4- Cleaning!

Do not be surprised that you are involving lots of your muscles by cleaning your house and especially things like sweeping and this is another kind of exercise!

We all know that team sports are good for a few times so you can give your partner a wipe and invite him to this exciting sport!

5-Marching in Place

Running is a great exercise but it is natural that you cannot easily do it at home, it is not even reasonable to run around the house! If you have a treadmill, things are a little different but you don’t need a treadmill. Just stay in the corner and lift your knees (Stand straight and bend your knees up and down, you can speed up as much as possible).

6-Jumping Jack

This exercise involves a lot of your muscles and also raises your heart rate. Do this exercise every time you remember. For example, when you watch TV and it comes to advertising!

  1. Dumbbell with water bottles!

Of course, not everyone in their home has weight-lifting dumbbells, but water bottles are available in different sizes. Fill the bottles with water so you can continue this exercise and not get tired. First, pour a small amount of water into the bottle and gradually increase it.

You can drain the bottles into your pots to avoid wasting water.

The last word:

Sports such as hiking are great and we have written a number of articles in particular about hiking and praised its goodness, such as:

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But most of the time it is not possible to exercise outside the home, this may be for all of us, but this is one of the excuses for not exercising that can be easily answered. In this article we’ve put together 7 simple exercises for you without the need for any equipment so you don’t forget about your physical activity and health even when you have to stay home.

Hope you can use them and always be an athlete!