P-gum is committed to maintaining the security of its users’ private data.

In this section we concern the policies related to registration, utilization and transmission of data and also security preparations through which P-gum serves private data.

P-gum reserves the right for altering and/or reforming its policies in any situation and due to any reason. We recommend that you read our policies once in a while.

Although we keep users posted about any changes.

  • All data obtained from P-gum activities may be utilized namelessly in preparing reports and beneficial statistics.
  • Various security plans have been prepared in different levels in order to maintain the quality and the correctness of the data registered on P-gum’s system. We try our best to secure the data and beat any type of abuse and illegal or impermissible access, changes and omission of data, but there is no guaranty in this case.
  • All input data which added to your P-gum account are editable and viewable but account deletion is not possible.
  • P-gum needs access to users’ location data to calculate their walking distance.
  • P-gum needs access to device’s camera to scan P-gum Points QR-codes.
  • P-gum needs the Internet access to send and receive user’s scores and account data to and from its servers.
  • P-gum needs access to device’s internal storage to upload files such as profile image.