• P-gum: it is the trademark for this application.
  • Company: Pgum Avisa Shayesteh Pardaz is the owner of P-gum.
  • User: this term refers to whomever installs and uses this application on their cellphones.
  • Recipient: it is referred to those businesses which have legal contraction with P-gum.
  • User Account: it is the account that the user creates and utilizes to use P-gum services.
  • P-gum Coin: the user gains certain types of scores as coins which offer different values.
  1. P-GUM Coin: P-GUM coin the most valuable coin amongst all and equals 1000 steps.

P-gum Points: they are location points set on P-gum’s map and user can gain more scores by reaching these points.

  • Purchase Code: the term refers to the codes users get from P-gum to purchase from recipients.
  • Wallet: Users utilize this section as a means of credit transaction between themselves and other P-gum users and recipients who have wallets.

User Account

  • By registering in P-gum, users admit that they have read P-gum’s terms and conditions completely and agree with them and these terms and conditions may be subject to changes over time and users must follow the conditions as long as they utilize P-gum.
  • Creating an account is necessary for using P-gum and each user is allowed to have only one account for each of their cellphone numbers.
  • Users agree on registering their private information accurately.
  • Users are responsible for any types of actions or any other services done through their P-gum accounts.

Using P-gum

  • Users utilize P-gum only for daily walking.
  • Users must not use P-gum for actions which are considered against the law or in contrast with social moralities.
  • P-gum notifies its users through SMS, app notifications and social media.
  • P-gum needs access to users’ location data to calculate their walking distance.
  • P-gum needs access to device’s camera to scan P-gum Points QR-codes.
  • P-gum needs the Internet access to send and receive user’s scores and account data to and from its servers.
  • P-gum needs access to device’s internal storage to upload files such as profile image.
  • Users are responsible for providing the Internet access.

P-gum’s Responsibility

  • P-gum does its best to develop and spread the culture of walking (performing social responsibility in health sphere) in the society but does not guaranty that the application performs on all devices or communication networks.
  • All sections of the users’ data will be reserved confidentially by P-gum.

Users’ Responsibility

  • All P-gum user are subject to follow terms and conditions.
  • Users must follow safety instructions such as traffic rules while using P-gum.

Ownership Right

  • Users are not permitted to copy any of P-gum’s titles, definitions and expressions. They are also prohibited from performing any activities which help them access P-gum servers and programming codes or similar things. Aforementioned prohibitions will be void only if the permission is granted by P-gum.

Content Generated by Users

  • All data related to the users’ walking distance is stored on their cellphones in offline and online sessions and will be sent to data center once the device is connected to the Internet. This helps users to walk comfortably with losing any of their steps due to weak Internet connection or lack access to the Internet.

Service Cancelation

  • Once the activities of a user is known harmful, P-gum has the right to cancel their accessibility.

Distanced Agreement

  • Users are responsible for keeping their own accounts safe.
  • The user accepts that he/she reads and agrees with all changes, addendums to the current terms and conditions such as changing and adding conditions and sending notifications and messages. Here the user confirms his/her agreement on terms and conditions.